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Hyosung Advanced Materials’ Secrets to Success Unveiled

There are various types of cars out there. Passenger vehicles, trucks, buses, and gasoline/electric vehicles as well as hybrid electric vehicles, just to name a few. One in two of these vehicles on the road today share one thing in common. That is, they use tire reinforcements manufactured by Hyosung Advanced Materials.

The Global No.1 tire reinforcement name

Hyosung Advanced Materials is the indisputable number one name in the world of tire reinforcements. Nearly half of the passenger vehicles around the world are using Hyosung’s tire reinforcements. In addition, the company accounts for over 50% of the global market share when it comes to polyester tire cords, the most widely used tire reinforcement material in the world.

What is behind Hyosung’s success story?

Tire reinforcements are made of textile and steel and are responsible for the performance, safety and durability of tires. Since its corporate inception in 1996 when Tongyang Nylon was established, Hyosung has had its eyes on tirecords as the company’s growth engine and strenuously worked on developing high-quality, safe tirecords. Thanks to such efforts, it succeeded in manufacturing Korea’s first ever home-grown nylon cords in just two years of its inception in 1968.

Since then it has continued to grow into a global name and 10 years later in 1978 Hyosung has finally succeeded in developing polyester cords for tires. Building on its textile and steel tirecords, Hyosung has emerged as a leading player in the tirecord market. It expanded its portfolio in 1987 to include steel cord and bead wire to stand strong as an extensive tire reinforcement maker that offers almost all of key reinforcement materials.

Recipe for success

Hyosung Advanced Materials is one of the world’s largest tire reinforcement maker with batch production system. Let’s take a look at what the secrets are behind Hyosung’s success story.

First, a systemic and thorough manufacturing and quality control system.

Hyosung produces tirecord through the process of spinning, cabling, weaving and dipping in a thorough and systemic manner.

In so doing, Hyosung makes sure each step undergoes a thorough quality control of only letting materials with over A grade pass and move to the next level of manufacturing. Only materials that pass this stringent quality control system can be qualified for the final step of being customized for different customers.

Second, globally located manufacturing plants.

This global network of manufacturing plants established in strategic locations works as a hub that identifies and adapts to changing trends and demand in order to offer the right products in a timely and stable manner.

Hyosung Advanced Materials’ manufacturing plant in Vietnam especially is known as the world’s largest and the only plant with integrated portfolio covering all key reinforcement materials such as tirecord, steel cord and bead wire.

Upgraded next generation tire reinforcements

Thirdly, its technology and eco-friendly manufacturing focus.

Hyosung has been pioneering high-strength tirecord as part of its efforts to improve fuel economy by developing lightweight and high-strength materials. As such, it offers eco-friendly premium products including high-strength tirecord with lighter and thinner yet stronger cord materials with eyes on the transition to green mobility built on electric or hydrogen vehicles.

It has released high-strength tirecords with intensity of 10-20% higher than regular tirecords to lower cord thickness and thus to cut down on rubber usage. Building further on this, Hyosung has also completed the development of ‘UT’ or ‘Ultra Tensile Strength’ technology.

Even reinforcements can be greener

The innovation story does not stop there. Hyosung Advanced Materials has also been working on the development of materials that can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas and energy consumption.

Hyosung produces polyester tirecord recycled from waste PET bottles, bio-polyester tirecord on plant-derived materials, lyocell tirecord made from cellulose derived from woods that has cut down on greenhouse gas emission significantly from existing nylon tirecords.

Hyosung Advanced Materials also uses steel scraps generated as by-products during the process of steel product manufacturing for its bead wire and steel cord. By cutting down on steel waste and ultimately leading to lowering the need for steel production, Hyosung is contributing to energy conservation and greenhouse gas reduction.

Hyosung has been working on commercialization of its proprietary tirecord heat treatment ‘Dip Recipe’ designed to improve heat-resistance of tires at the last leg of the manufacturing process. Many continuous green innovation R&D are also in progress.

Your trusted everyday partner on the road

Tires are essential for not only the performance of your car but also your safety. As such, it is critical that tire materials are produced by a credible and trusted name. Hyosung Advanced Materials has been leading the global tire reinforcement market with its continued R&D efforts and unparalleled, eco-friendly products. Tire reinforcements are bones and muscle for tires, which roll on science. Hyosung Advanced Materials makes it safer and all the more dependable.