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Create an eco-friendly world with Hyosung’s colors: Carbon fibers and artists Collaboration

Can you believe that you can pull a car with a thread? You can, with a few strands of carbon fiber, which is stronger but lighter than steel. Carbon fiber is emerging as the new material of dreams and showing limitless possibilities. Hyosung’s TANSOME® is the first high-performance carbon fiber developed in South Korea with endless potential. It can be transformed into various materials with infinite possibilities including musical instruments. Let’s find out if the music played with instruments made of carbon fiber can cheer us up amid the gradual recovery post-COVID-19.

Limitless possibilities with TANSOME®

It is not safe to say that strong things are heavier anymore because of Hyosung’s carbon fiber, a thread stronger than steel. It is a special material with over 92 percent of carbon, ten times stronger and seven times more elastic but 4 times lighter than steel. What can you do with a thread stronger but lighter than steel? You can make spaceship lighter, for which reducing weight is critical, and make bullet-proof vest and vehicle lighter. The hydrogen industry requires a high level of reliability, and carbon fiber plays a critical role. Carbon fiber has limitless potential as it plays a prominent role in storing and transporting the hydrogen, which is the future clean energy for environment. It indeed has limitless possibilities.

Thanks to Hyosung, South Korea developed its own carbon fiber, with the brand name TANSOME®. It is the first high-performing carbon fiber brand and works as a core material in the hydrogen industry. In short, TANSOME® is awesome as its name suggests.

Music made with TANSOME®, Make Your Color!




Concerts are where you can enjoy the endless possibilities of Hyosung’s TANSOME® up close. Hyosung hosted the TANSOME® X Make Your Color concert on January, 6th at the KT&G Sangsangmadang in the youthful Hongdae region as part of Hyosung’s ESG campaign. Famous rock bands of Korea, NOBRAIN and Lazybone performed with electric guitars and drumsticks made of carbon fiber. They performed “Make your color,” Hyosung’s ESG theme song. It was a great opportunity to experience the versatility of TANSOME®.

It started with a collaboration project between Hyosung’s TANSOME® and the two representative punk rock bands of Korea, NOBRAIN and Lazybone. The two bands were selected based on their interest in living a sustainable lifestyle, and their positive attitude which has gained fandom across all generations. Previous to the concert, the two bands pre-recorded the song “Make Your Color,” and the recording session in the form of a mini live gig at the recording studio was made into music videos to match the song. A close interview session with all the band members revealed their passion for Hyosung’s advanced materials technology while they expressed gratitude to Hyosung for making sustainable and strong instruments out of carbon fiber. The two bands shared Hyosung’s vision behind its ESG brand, RE:GEN, ‘Reply to Every Generation’s Future’, and the message behind “Make Your Color” which invited them to participate in this project.

“Make Your Color” is Hyosung’s ESG theme song, which reflects Hyosung’s vision to reply to every generation’s future through its inherent technology DNA and innovation, that will enable a sustainable lifestyle throughout generations. According to the lyrics, Hyosung invites everyone to paint the gray city in vibrant colors, to achieve a sustainable lifestyle in each their own colors and manner. Therefore, to Hyosung, the color of ESG is not green but multiple colors. Hyosung aims to continue to contribute to making people’s future brighter with their own personality, under its slogan “Make Your Color.”

There is another secret to the song. It was recorded with guitars and drumsticks made of carbon fiber! The electric guitar and drumsticks NOBRAIN used at the ESG Color Festival at Sevit were made of carbon fiber. It made the guitar much lighter, so the guitar player could carry on more comfortably without any shoulder pain, and move around to the music with ease. The carbon fiber also made it possible to implement a unique design which is impossible to render with wood. It is all the more meaningful in that the theme song “Make Your Color” was performed with TANSOME®.

Another high-technology regarding TANSOME®, collaboration with NFT!

There is another way to enjoy TANSOME®, and that is the music source of “Make Your Color.” The music source of the song recorded using carbon fiber instruments was revealed in NFT (Non-fungible Token) form. NFT marks the ownership of digital asset that is verified with blockchain technology and used to indicate the authenticity and ownership of pictures or videos by storing the digital file address in the token.

The music source of “Make Your Color,” made out of carbon fiber, was revealed for the first time at the Hyosung’s Sevit ESG Color Festival in October, 2022. Citizens who visited the carbon fiber brand zone were able to get a hold of the music source via airdrop, with special access to the song before its official release at the end of 2022.

After the official release, people were able to listen to the song, played with musical instruments made out of carbon fiber at the TANSOME® X Make Your Color concert. NOBRAIN and Lazybone performed passionately, driving the audience of all ages into a wave of excitement. The concert also featured the trendy DJ R2 and DJ ARI. The purchasers of NFT ticket were admitted after the verification. As an invisible code was inserted in the NFT, it could verify the authenticity and prevent unauthorized entrance, working as a digital coded ticket. Participants who purchased a ticket type NFT of the concert were gifted with the brand album kit containing a sturdy TANSOME tumbler, USB music file, a brand album book sharing the story of TANSOME, and a cute rockstar LEGO piece as a souvenir.

TANSOME® is of the epitome of carbon fiber in Korea. The brand name combines ‘tanning’, a core high-temperature procedure to produce carbon fiber, with ‘something special.’ Hyosung’s carbon fiber, TANSOME® plays a prominent role in the next generation clean energy, hydrogen, and can also become musical instruments. With its outstanding properties and versatilities, there will be more application for TANSOME in the future, even beyond the music and hydrogen industry.