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Innovue - A New Vision Towards Innovation for Hyosung TNS

A mere 20 years ago, few could have imagined that small mobile phones would enable internet browsing akin to computers, facilitate video calls, and even allow for viewing such diverse contents. Video conferencing and conference calls were reserved only for important business, online banking was scarce, and telebanking remained quite unreliable. However, we can now perform all of these aforementioned activities with smartphones; devices that receive an array of new and diverse application-based services every day. Working from home, the collective wealth of human knowledge in our pockets, and improved banking services are just some of the conveniences made possible by steady advances in technology. This trailblazing spirit, forging a path into the unexplored, epitomizes the essence of Hyosung TNS. Just as smartphones revolutionized our lives, Hyosung TNS tirelessly endeavors to transform our tomorrow, making it even more extraordinary and convenient.

Hyosung TNS - Revolutionizing Today and Tomorrow

When people think of bank branches, they typically envision customers pulling numbered tickets and waiting in line for service while bank employees tend to various transactions and ATM machines stand idle in the corner. In the past, ATMs only permitted simple cash withdrawals, but with advancements in technology, they now enable simultaneous withdrawals and deposits, account transfers, bill payments, and even card issuance, passbook updates, and loan consultations - all tasks previously exclusive to bank employees.

The advent of these multifaceted ATMs has heightened satisfaction levels for both customers and banks. Customers can conduct their banking business without being constrained by operating hours or long wait times. Banks can allocate time to each customer who visits the branch, moving away from simple and repetitive tasks. This provides more opportunities to introduce and sell profitable and customized products, increasing customer trust and loyalty to attract more dedicated patrons.

For instance, the Digital KioskTM supports over 90% of a bank branch's primary business, while the Digital DeskTM enables greater banking services, such as account opening and savings consultations, through video teller technology. These technologies serve as important milestones for the future of self-service banking technology.

Hyosung TNS' retail business follows a similar trajectory in advancement. The various retail solutions developed and supplied by Hyosung TNS, particularly robot cafes and unmanned refrigerators, drive innovation in the retail industry. Unmanned retail solutions applied to general stores provide customers with excellent retail shopping experiences and store owners with greater operational efficiency.

In addition to this, Hyosung is also working on new payment services that will lead the industry and further enhance convenience. As a result of continually developing and refining new payment services and other technologies, Hyosung TNS has introduced a new brand identity to serve as a comprehensive platform for the promotion of further growth and its business evolution.

Innovue - Hyosung TNS' New Brand Identity for Greater Innovations

Hyosung TNS, the future technology and IT innovation unit of the Hyosung Group, has initiated a brand revision project to take a quantum leap forward as a global brand. This has led to their recent announcement of a new brand identity, Innovue, which expands their existing business area, previously limited to ATM manufacturing, to a 'global IT company'. The name Innovue, a combination of 'innovation' and 'vision', represents their aspiration to enhance the everyday interactions of all people by connecting the physical reality and the virtual world.

Under this new brand, anyone can become a customer. The goal of the innovation that Hyosung Innovue aims to achieve is to provide better experiences for all consumers. To this end, Hyosung TNS avoids complacency and continually researches and develops its services with the goal of offering new experiences. Hyosung Innovue aspires to be a human experience maker, constantly considering what kind of interaction their technology and solutions must produce to act as the connection between people, finance, retail, and other platforms.

Walking Alongside Hyosung Innovue, Innovation for You

Hyosung Innovue aims to provide customer-oriented innovation, starting from within Hyosung TNS. Hyosung TNS believes that its employees' efforts to develop better technology and services for their customers are at the heart of what makes an innovative experience. As a result, since innovative customer services originate from Hyosung TNS' internal employees' deliberations, all organization members are considered Human Experience Makers. All members who contribute to creating Hyosung Innovue become ‘makers’, striving towards a common goal and vision of becoming a Global Human Experience Maker.

Furthermore, Hyosung TNS is developing and implementing the HExA (Human Experience Accelerator) program to encourage self-directed innovation in employees and to promote changes in KPI and reward systems which further emphasize a new beginning for Hyosung Innovue.

To achieve their mission of creating an exceptional experience and providing value in everyday interactions, Hyosung TNS will work to develop a positive and interactive culture among leaders and members to increase awareness of these new value systems through programs such as the Junior Board (HExA Agent), Reverse Mentoring Program (HExA Reverse Mentoring), Leadership Program (HExA Leadership), and Employee Learning Program (HExA Learner).

Hyosung TNS, having already demonstrated tangible success in the global market, continues to flourish. In particular, the company's primary focus on ATMs has led to an impressive achievement of securing the third-highest market share worldwide. Yet, Hyosung TNS does not rest on its laurels, persistently striving to deliver an innovative customer experience and relentlessly pursuing the unattained technologies of tomorrow and beyond. The self-driven innovation and embrace of change displayed by every member of the Hyosung TNS team underscores the mutual growth of both the individual and the organization. By crafting a blueprint for innovation alongside its employees, Hyosung TNS is able to provide customers with groundbreaking experiences and serve as a partner for innovation and growth to an international clientele. The future of Hyosung TNS walks hand in hand with the evolution and innovation of its members, customers, and client companies. The company is committed to redoubling its efforts as Hyosung Innovue to emerge as a leading IT enterprise in the global market.