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The Hidden Story Behind Power Transformers: Hyosung’s Commitment to the Environment

It is nearly impossible to imagine a life without electricity, as most people cannot live without electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and refrigerators. What if the power went out on a hot summer day? It will be tough for anyone to survive even a single day. No one would deny that electricity is one of the most essential parts of our lives. But not many people would know the role of the power transformer in bringing this indispensable electricity to our lives.

Yes, we know what power plants are. But what are power transformers?

Transformers are for transforming electrical power from one voltage to another. They also come in the form of voltage converters we see daily in our homes, such as 110V/220V converters and utility pole transformers. Power transformers in power plants or substations, the ones we do not usually bump into, transform voltages in the hundreds of thousands of volts range.

As such, they are very crucial to our lives but, in a way, being taken for granted. Indeed, not many of us appreciate that there is a ‘hidden’ green technology in transformers designed to protect the environment: Insulating oil.

Ester filled Transformer

The oil in transformers acts as an insulant to prevent arcing between parts of the transformer. Committed to sustainable development and environment protection, Hyosung Heavy Industries has developed ester oil transformers to minimize environmental impact and prevent fires and explosions, which are risks transformers filled with mineral oil often carry. Hyosung has supplied over 180 ester oil transformers to countries in Europe and the Middle East, contributing to environmental protection.

This eco-friendly ester oil is less toxic, slower in soil penetration, and faster in biodegradability compared to traditional mineral oil. All of which means a lower risk of fire or explosion. The ester oil transformers can be extensively used, ranging from offshore wind farms and substations to underground substations in cities and renewable power plants without much concern for environmental impact.

The fire point of ester oil is above 300°C, much higher than that of mineral oil, ensuring fire resistance. As such, ester oil transformers do not require extra space for installation of fire protection facilities, or allowances of safety distances and thus fewer costs. Additionally, their life cycles are much longer than that of conventional transformers.

Hyosung Heavy Industries has signed long-term ester-filled power transformers supply contracts with the British Transmission Operator. The UK is a leading country in insulating oil applications.  Furthermore, Hyosung, being widely recognized for its technology and safety, has contracted to supply the eco-friendly transformers in sophisticated markets, including France.  

Hyosung Heavy Industries, a leader in the transformer market in Korea

Hyosung Heavy Industries developed the 154kV transformer for the first time in Korea in 1969 and the 765kV extra-high-voltage transformer in 1992, the sixth of its kind in the world and the first in Korea. As a global leader, Hyosung Heavy Industries supplies a wide range of transformers up to 765kV and 1,500MVA, and with both core form and shell form technology, it offers a wide range of solutions to customers.

Going beyond international technical specification requirements

Hyosung Heavy Industries designs, manufactures and tests its transformers in line with international technical specifications such as IEC, ANSI, IEEE, NEMA, BS, JIS, and JEC, and Hyosung supplies them to over 85 countries. As a total power solution provider, Hyosung has produced over 6,000 units of power transformers in its Changwon production facility. With its dust-proof clean room facilities, Hyosung’s transformer manufacturing process ensures temperature and humidity control and thus supreme quality control. Its highly trained process operators and technicians conduct additional tests to ensure stable production, an extra layer of process that befits Hyosung’s standing as a leading transformer provider worldwide.

Transformers are indispensable for changing voltage in power lines for everyday usage in average households. And behind them lies Hyosung’s technology and commitment to the environment. As such, Hyosung’s dedication to the environment continues behind the scenes.