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The Future of Banking and Retail Technology Presented by Hyosung TNS

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, all of us have experienced a dramatic change in the way we go about our daily lives. Growing trends in digital transactions driven by online shopping, as well as an increase in contactless communications such as virtual meetings and remote work are just a few of these changes. This dramatic shift in our lifestyles and behaviors, along with the new ways they will continue to change, requires mention of an important name: Hyosung TNS; a company that sits at the center of next generation financial solutions, retail services, and new age of innovation.


A Global ATM Leader Driven by Financial Innovation

The title ‘TNS’ is an acronym for ‘Technology and Solution’ which represents our strong commitment to innovations in financial automation. The history of Hyosung TNS goes back to 1979 when the company started off as the PC business department of the greater Hyosung Group. Over the past four decades, Hyosung TNS has expanded to offer a variety of services built on hardware knowhow and our technological edge in software as a means to put user convenience first.



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For instance, we cannot talk about financial services without mentioning the automatic teller machine (ATM), which has brought widespread convenience to people by saving trips to a bank or by eliminating meetings with a teller to withdraw or deposit money into accounts. Hyosung TNS exports ATMs to over 40 countries around the world which has led it to become the number three ATM supplier globally, alongside a market leader position in several countries such as the US, Russia, and Korea. With its continued efforts in innovative financial solutions, Hyosung TNS strives to expand and do more in the hopes of eventually leading the global market in a variety of financial services.


Total Contactless Banking, All at Once!

The Hyosung Digital Desk is one of the most innovative financial solutions and is designed to offer contactless banking experiences to customers who visit a bank branch. The Digital Desk is the first of its kind in the world, and allows for a contactless alternative to conventional banking services, all while providing heightened convenience and privacy. It can also be utilized as a next generation bank branch model that allows one-on-one virtual consultation with a teller which supports services such as opening an account, setting up time-deposits, and loan consultations. This solution is helping the world brace for an era where banks are cutting down on the number of branches and the demand for online and mobile banking is growing.



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The Digital Desk is a so-called ‘phygital’ solution that brings together the strength of both online and offline to offer totally new experiences and reliability. It not only offers innovation to the digitally savvy generations, but is also intuitively designed for older generations who might find it difficult to use online banking services. From a bank’s perspectives, it enables the automation of routine tasks and more efficient manpower management, which in turn allows tellers to invest more of their time engaging with customers on-site and offering customized products and services to them which leads to enhanced customer loyalty. This will facilitate more efficient branch operations and render a win-win proposition for both customers and banks. The Hyosung Digital Desk will act as a milestone for the future of financial solutions offered by banks.


Innovative Self-Service Solutions Beyond Banking

Building on its track record of providing systems, solutions, hardware, and software products and services since 1979, Hyosung has been trailblazing a new era of innovation by encompassing various retail solutions and data-driven platform businesses to go beyond its traditional financial automation solutions.

What will stores look like in the future? Retail solutions provided by Hyosung TNS are offering top notch convenience and efficiency to both customers and store owners alike. An AI Fridge, unmanned ordering kiosks, self-check-out counters, and robot cafes will enable efficient store management to drive sales while improving customer experiences with a seamless purchasing process.



The Hyosung AI Fridge is a smart fresh produce market platform that enables a grab & go shopping experience powered by AI technology which allows customers to simply tap their card and grab the products of their choice. This is all possible thanks to Hyosung’s high-tech solutions that come with AI cameras embedded in the fridge that automatically identify and recognize products for the subsequent payment.

Have you ever seen Hyosung TNS’ unmanned ordering kiosk? It is a self-ordering system where customers can easily order and pay for products all at once. The air touch screen offers hygienic processes where customers do not have to touch the device to order and pay. It also enables more efficient store management and space reduction as it requires less on-site staff.

A self-check-out machine saves a lot of time for customers by reducing the time spent standing in line just to pay. By simply swiping bar codes, customers can more quickly and easily pay. It also offers a variety of ordering options to meet different customer needs.

Hyosung TNS is also leading innovation in the retail industry with its robot cafes where the autonomous device receives beverage orders via an app or kiosk and then prepares them. In addition, Hyosung also offers POS solutions that enable advanced and sophisticated store management services.

This is not the end of the story. Hyosung TNS is set to launch a data platform business to go beyond its traditional businesses of ATM and retail services. This platform will launch by the end of 2022 and will act as a portal where one can easily search for NFT related information and content. Hyosung TNS has built up the capability for software production and extensive data network operation and management through its years in the ATM business. Based on this, it has been pursuing a data platform business for the sake of future innovation and now is poised to launch this NFT portal, which will later likely be followed by ventures in the metaverse and virtual currency.


In the Not So Distant Future

How do you like the blueprint of future financial and retail services that Hyosung TNS has laid out for us? Actually, these services are not a far-fetched imagination, but something we should be able to see and use in the very near future since Hyosung has already completed the development phase of these products.

Hyosung TNS has been exploring various technological advances for a better financial and retail future by providing customers with a wider variety of more colorful and enjoyable experiences. In doing so, Hyosung TNS would like to offer some inspiration to customers with the aim to grow into a global technology leader that “builds totally different and new experiences for all humanity.” Indeed, Hyosung TNS is ready to usher customers into a new era of banking and retail technology.