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Brand Journalism


Hyosung’s Youth Marketing Targets Generation Z

NFTs (non-fungible tokens), which use block chain technology to authenticate the ownership of digital assets like images and videos, are attracting significant attention with the expansion of the metaverse industry. This is because NFTs play a crucial role in the metaverse economy by securely protecting ownership through unique identifications assigned to digital products. The NFT market is particularly appealing to Generation Z, who are emerging as a primary target audience. As they enter the job market, Generation Z possesses increasing purchasing power and are known as ’digital natives’ who are well-versed in digital culture and enthusiastic about new experiences. With these characteristics, Generation Z readily adopts NFTs, using digital photo cards in fandom culture and engaging in games that feature NFT items, thereby driving the growth of the NFT market.


In January, Hyosung Group captured public attention by hosting the ‘Hyosung TANSOME x Make Your Color’ concert, featuring renowned rock bands like No Brain and Lazybone, and introducing NFTs for ticket issuance and sales. Ticket holders were able to enter the concert venue through on-site NFT authentication and received limited edition brand album kits. Hyosung is actively engaged in youth marketing, including the launch of an NFT platform, to specifically target the younger generation. Youth marketing is a corporate strategy that aims to communicate with and meet the values and expectations of the younger generation, who represent the potential of the future customer base. Effective communication forms the basis of this marketing approach, as companies need to genuinely engage with the youth. Simply showcasing technical competencies or activities may not be enough to earn the loyalty and trust of Generation Z. Companies must actively listen to the voices of the youth, incorporate their insights into marketing strategies, develop technologies that align with their environmentally friendly values, and more. As part of their youth marketing initiatives, many companies are striving to build a brand image that resonate with the youth and are involved in various activities tailored to Generation Z’s interests and tastes, such as hosting online and offline events and developing relevant content.

Hyosung’s Youth Marketing Project is for, of, and by Generation Z

Hyosung Group is a leading player in various industrial sectors, including textiles, heavy industries/construction and industrial equipment. With a 56-year track record of delivering exceptional products and technologies, Hyosung has established strong presence in global markets. However, there is a lack of sufficient brand awareness regarding Hyosung’s products. While older generations in South Korea are familiar with Hyosung and its history, the overall visibility of the brand among younger South Koreans remains low. This is mainly due Hyosung’s identity as a B2B company that primarily engages in business-to-business transactions, rather than direct interactions with end-consumers. As a result, younger consumers rarely come across the Hyosung brand in their daily lives.

To target Generation Z as potential future customers, Hyosung has implemented youth marketing activities. Generation Z is known for their heightened environmental awareness and their commitment to creating sustainable future. They embrace lifestyles aligned with veganism and actively seek out products from environmentally conscious companies, making them “greensumers.” Additionally, Generation Z prefers two-way communication, valuing direct expression of opinions over one-sided communication. Hyosung has tailored its marketing efforts to cater these communication preferences and address areas where they can provide practical support to Generation Z.

16th ASL Academic Festival – Exploring Hyosung’s Marketing from the Perspective of College Students

The 16th ASL Academic Festival is one of the many youth marketing activities organized by Hyosung, specifically targeting college students. In collaboration with the Association of Strategic Leaders (ASL), this event was designed with three main objectives in mind. Firstly, it aims to assist college students in their job search, which is their primary concern. Secondly, it provides them with an opportunity to gain insights into how companies operate. Lastly, it serves as a platform to promote Hyosung Group to college students, who form an active segment of Generation Z.


At this event, held in collaboration with ASL (a forum founded by the Hanyang Strategic Thinking Association (HSTA), Ewha Consulting (ECON), SKKU Society of Strategic Consulting (SSC)), participating students were tasked with developing marketing strategies to enhance Hyosung’s value-add and raise its brand recognition.


The 62 students invited to the event were divided into nine teams and worked diligently to complete various assignments. These tasks included conducting an assessment of the Hyosung brand and developing a plan to improve its value among the MZ generation, creating a strategy to differentiate Hyosung’s business and promote the regen brand in alignment with the environment-friendly agenda, and enhancing the market competitiveness of Hyosung’s Harrington Place with its repositioning efforts.

By selecting theses three topics, Hyosung addressed real-time world-marketing challenges it currently faces and sought solutions encouraging college students to generate creative and constructive ideas. This collaborative approach allowed Hyosung to tap into the fresh perspective of younger generations and gather valuable insights to enhance its marketing strategies.


Hyosung oversaw the strategy development process, which involved studying tasks, an orientation period, sharing and presenting data, and Q&A session. The event provided college students with an opportunity to develop business strategies and gain insights into problem-solving in the workplace. The Hyosung staff served as mentors, offering practical suggestions to enhance the students’ strategies and providing them with valuable practical experience. The event was also valuable for Hyosung staff, as it allowed them to gain fresh insights.



Brilliant ideas conceived by Generation Z that yielded practical benefits for Hyosung's marketing strategies

The participating students at the festival expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to learn about Hyosung’s business values, technology development, ESG management and global market position. They were delighted to experience Hyosung’s dedication to the environment and its corporate efforts to make a positive impact. Furthermore, the college students showcased their original thinking abilities and generated brilliant, logical, and feasible ideas. They were adept presenters and witnessed remarkable growth in their skills during short month. On the other hand, the Hyosung staff had chance to gain insights into Generation Z’s perspective of the company. They valued this time to listen to the students’ opinions and engage in branding activities that align with Generation Z’s standards. Overall, it was a valuable and mutually beneficial experience for both the students and the Hyosung staff.


Drawing from the insights gained this academic festival, Hyosung intends to establish a platform for open communication with Generation Z. This platform may encompass various initiatives, including similar academic festivals and other forms of content. By utilizing this platform, Hyosung aims to actively listen to the voices of Generation Z and reflect on the type of company they aspire to associate with a and work for. Furthermore, Hyosung will analyze internal challenges and engage in external youth marketing activities to become the ide al company admired by Generation Z.


One participant shared their perspective on the festival stating, “Getting information about Hyosung was challenging as it is primarily seen as a B2B company. However, this project provided valuable insights into the various activities and initiatives undertaken by Hyosung in different domains.  It helped me understand Hyosung’s focus on targeting Generation Z through youth marketing, and I will continue to show interest in Hyosung’s business.” Another participant emphasized the significance of communication in brand strategy and marketing, saying, “I strongly believe in the importance of communication, and this project reinforced that belief. The exchange of feedback and opinions highlighted the critical role of active idea sharing and feedback in perfecting business strategies in the real world.”


Hyosung Group recognized the value of the feedback and opinions shared by the participants, who are Generation Z members with significant potential and influence. To honor their input, Hyosung plans to incorporate the outcomes of the 16th ASL Academic Festival into marketing strategy to enhance brand recognition. The company intends to integrate the ESG strategies and creora® marketing strategies proposed by the participants into its business operations, using them as case studies for a brand marketing campaign. These valuable contributions will serve as preliminary reference materials in the development of ideas and the creation of an environment-friendly brand narrative for Hyosung's strategies within an eco-conscious ecosystem. Additionally, the ideas generated through this festival will be thoughtfully considered and reflected upon as the company formulates its new branding strategy.

Expanded digital marketing for steady communication with the future generation

Moving forward, Hyosung aims to enhance its digital content marketing to engage in meaningful communication with Generation Z. Recognizing their interest in companies that prioritize environmental protection, Hyosung plans to create content highlighting its environmental technologies and initiatives. Additionally, the company will organize offline events such as environment-themed concerts and academic festivals, offering opportunities for Generation Z, to actively participate. Hyosung understands the importance of personal development, self-realization, personalized experiences, job prospects, and value-driven consumption for this generation. Therefore, the company will continue to provide platforms for Generation Z to gain practical knowledge through direct involvement and participation.