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Rise High, creora®

The unparalleled global leader in spandex

Recent muggy summer weather has pushed many people to turn to outdoor activities or a dip into the pool. More people are thus opting for ‘athleisure’ clothing. Hyosung’s creora® is the main driver behind the casual clothing trend. The spandex brand has continued in the number one market share position for ten years. You might be surprised to discover that creora® is at the core of almost all major sportswear products we use daily.


From latecomer to forerunner: Early investment in assembly lines for high-performance products and locally customized marketing paid off

Hyosung was the first Korean company to develop this spandex technology back in 1992. Known as the ‘memory chip of textile,’ spandex can stretch up to five to eight times longer than its original length without any change to its original form. Its everyday application ranges from sportswear and underwear to socks and even masks. Though it was a latecomer in the global market, Hyosung dreamed big to create “the world’s best spandex that ushers in a creative 21C’ and named it ‘creora®’ – a combination of two words: ‘creative’ and ‘ora'. And 20 years later, the rest is history.

As early as the late 1990s, Hyosung recognized the importance of having an extensive global reach and establishing assembly lines in countries such as China, Vietnam, Turkey, and Brazil. The goal was clear: A stable supply of various products that meet the needs of different customers in different markets at the time they want. Having these production lines ready early and focusing on developing high-performance products has paid off in distinguished stretch, recovery and comfort.

It joins with textile businesses and global apparel names to identify market trends and build longer-run business partnerships. In warmer weather, Hyosung proposed products made of yarns with anti-bacterial and UV cut properties. In places like Brazil, known for its love for vivid colors, the company’s customized marketing strategy provides textiles with excellent dyeing properties.



Fabric that fits like your own skin





Various products are available under the creora® brand that comes in varying characteristics and meet different needs. creora® Power-Fit is a spandex with high power and excellent heat resistance, maintaining its fabric power even at high temperatures or re-dyeing. This offers outstanding deeper color and better fastness dyed with dispersed dyestuff, with excellent stretch recovery. Additionally, it fits like your own skin offering comfort in daily activities and sports.


creoa® highly prevents spandex degradation by chlorine elements often used for swimming pool sterilization. It offers higher chlorine resistance than that of general spandex, and thus is applied to swimwear to improve fabric durability.

creora® Fresh is a spandex product that possesses excellent deodorizing and durability attributes. Because it effectively removes odors caused by post-exercise sweat, creora® Fresh is always pleasant to wear and leaves you with a refreshing feeling. Additionally, creora® Color+ with the unique color fastness and creora® Black with a deep and exclusive black color also make the color of fabrics deeper and offer comfortable support for the body movements.


creora®, rise high with the wings of sustainability


As an unparalleled market leader for over 10 years, creora® continues to fulfill its commitment to sustainability through its ESG management. creora® eco-soft enables heat setting at a low temperature compared to common spandex and requires minimal energy consumption when producing yarns, thus reducing carbon dioxide emissions. A production of 10,000 T-shirts with 250g/yd (4% spandex) can cut at least 120kg worth of CO2.

regen® spandex, a 100% recycled spandex is made from reclaimed industrial waste. It contributes to preserving our environment while offering a similar level of functionality to new spandex despite being produced from recycled material.

creora®’s commitment to preserving environments geared toward sustainable yarns will only grow with time. Shortly, it plans to develop a detailed vision for developing bio-based yarns and reducing oil consumption. At the same time, it aims to further consolidate its position as the number one spandex by expanding its market share to 34% by 2026. creora® will only continue to rise higher.